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Becoming a Board Member of the Valley Soil & Water Conservation District

Concerned citizens in Valley County can help conserve natural resources by serving on the Valley Soil & Water Conservation District Board. If the issues and programs listed on our website and in our newsletters interest you, please consider becoming a board member. 

Conservation District Board Member Job Description

Conservation district officials serve on a multi-member board that establishes and implements programs to protect and conserve soil, water, prime and unique farmland, rangeland, woodland, wildlife, energy, and other renewable resources on local, non-federal lands.


  • Identify local conservation needs and develop, implement, and evaluate programs to meet those needs.
  • Educate and inform landowners and operators, general public, and local, state, and federal legislators on conservation issues and programs.
  • Supervise other volunteers and paid staff working with the district and coordinate with cooperating agency personnel.
  • Administer the district by delegating tasks through a structure of board officers and members, committees, and others; raise and budget district funds and report on activities to the public.
  • Coordinate assistance and funding from federal, state, and local government; district associations; and private groups.


  • Interest and background in conserving renewable natural resources
  • Knowledge of key natural resource issues in our community
  • Communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills


  • Satisfaction in seeing conservation practices applied
  • Interaction with others interested in natural resource conservation
  • Input into local, state, and federal conservation programs
  • Training through the state conservation agency

Time Required: Approximately 30 days/year

  • Attend 12 regularly scheduled board meetings
  • Attend committee, special meetings, and events as needed
Steps to Become a Board Member
Step 1:

Fill out the District Board Member Self-Nomination Form​.

Step 2:

Fill out the District Board Member Information Form.

Step 3:

Turn in the completed forms to the District Manager, Durena Farr.

Email forms to: [email protected]

Mail forms to: P.O. Box 580, Cascade, ID 83611

Step 4:

Elections – Held in November on Even years

You must file a Declaration of Candidacy and Special District Office Petition for Candidacy with the County Clerk on or before September 1 of the election year. These forms can be found here.

For more information, please review the Idaho Election Consolidation Manual.

Step 5:

Start serving your neighbors and conserving our natural resources.

For more information, please read the Idaho Soil Conservation District Supervisor Handbook