No Till Drill

Want more productive pastures and soils?

Try a no-till drill!

Frequent tilling and soil disturbance destroys the roots, microbes, earthworms, and soil structure of your pastures. No-till drilling practices improve soil health while saving time and money. A no-till drill allows producers to plant directly into a grazed field or previous crop. VSWCD now has 2 different no-till drills available for rent to local landowners. Thanks to an Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation grant, VSWCD acquired a smaller drill and trailer that is more useful for smaller-scale landowners.

Both drills are designed to plant a wide variety of legumes, grain crops, native grasses and wildflowers in diverse site conditions. These planters can be used in both no-till conditions and prepared fields. The rental fee for either drill is $100 minimum for the first 5 acres and an additional $20/acre over the 5 acres. All rental fees are used to maintain the equipment for community use.


Please complete the Lease Agreement form and return to [email protected]

Version 2023

2003 Traux Company Flex II Series Grass Drill

For Larger Tractors

  • Drill Width: 11ft, 8ft seed bed
  • Tractor Size: 65 HP or greater
  • Connecting the Implement: Hydraulic Coupler (hydraulic kit needed on your tractor)
  • Transporting Seeder: Capable of being towed at slow speeds by a pickup truck with pintle hitch or pulled behind a tractor if you live close to the pick-up location.

2023 Frontier GS1148 with Cultipacker

For Smaller Tractors

  • Drill Width: 5 ft, 4 ft seed bed
  • Tractor Size: 35 HP or greater
  • Connecting the Implement: 3-point hitch
  • Transporting Seeder: Must be trailered to location (trailer and ramps are provided) or transported by tractor if you live close to the pick-up location.
  • Acreage Cap: No more than 10 acres can be planted with this drill at one time.